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Schindler Gärten GmbH was founded by Daniel Schindler and has been owner-run ever since. After about a year, his younger brother Andreas Schindler was appointed to the management board. The operative and strategic management is now shared by the two. What started with a small powerful team has in the meantime grown to around five permanent employees. The company can count on strong alliances and multi-faceted industry contacts that make to be well prepared for all order and job volumes and realisation plannings. Initially based in Ebikon, Schindler Gärten's business headquarters, offices and magazine are now located in Lucerne with a warehouse in Meggen.


Since 2002, Daniel Schindler has been working with clients from various Garden and Landscaping companies in the Lucerne area and has learnt his craftsmanship from scratch. During this time he has successfully passed all the stages from gardener apprentice, horticulturist, supervisor, responsible foreman to managing director. After 15 years of front-line experience as an employee, he decided in favour of autonomy that enables him to be even closer to the customer's requirements and that creates the possibility to unite your ideas with his - in order for you to reap the benefits of your partnership.


Founder Daniel Schindler, his brother and co-owner Andreas Schindler and the entire workforce combine over half a century of front-line experience. Your advantage is that you benefit from their previous fields of activity and engagements both in the catchment area of ​​Central Switzerland and from the bonus that they know many properties and premises from personal experience.


We are keen to earn a top spot in the highly competitive "green sector" through sustainable and lasting customer care. We would like to be perceived as an open-minded, modern and competent service provider.


With our expertise in the sector we are, from day one, very aware of the needs of our discerning clients. Our excellent organisation and our lean infrastructure enable us to be highly agile and flexible. 


We welcome private individuals, general contractors, architects, landscape architects, landscape designers and property managers. Our prospective clients are all proud garden or terrace owners in central Switzerland.

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Our team is complete at the moment, but as the saying goes: there's nothing permanent except change...

Please return to our website at a later date, we might have a vacancy in the near future.

We are THE horticulturist
in Lucerne, Zug and Central Switzerland.

Als Gärtner für Gartenbau, Gartenpflege sowie Terrassenbau und -Ausstattungen sprechen wir Generalunternehmen, Architekten und Liegenschaftsverwaltungen sowie  Hausgarten- oder Terrassenbesitzer im Raum Zentralschweiz an. Dh. in Luzern, Meggen, Weggis, Küssnacht, Merlischachen, Vitznau, Greppen,  Oberägeri, Zug, Walchwil, Risch, Horw, Rotkreuz, Kastanienbaum, Schenkkon, Hergiswil, Ebikon, Kriens, Steinhausen, Cham, Buchrain, Adligenswil,  Udligenswil, Gisikon, Stans, Meierskappel, Root, etc.Wir sind ein junges, flexibles und hoch qualifiziertes Unternehmen, welches sich auf den Bau und Unterhalt von Privatgärten, Parkanlagen und Terrassen spezialisiert hat. Vom Hauptdomizil in der Stadt Luzern und Lagerräumen in Meggen aus agieren wir im Raum Innerschweiz überregional und sind ein Garant für echte Kundennähe.

Gardening Gardener Meggen Luzern Kriens Adligenswil Udligenswil Ebikon Malters Reussbühl Küssnacht Buchrain Inwil Emmen
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